How to choose your vacuum?


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Portable vacuum or central vacuum?

A portable vacuum is definitely useful and has it’s place. It can be used to clean your car, boat or secondary property. However when it comes to a home vacuum, a central vacuum is obviously a much better choice for many reasons:

  • First central vacuums have a lot more power than portable vacuums.
  • It is more convenient to use, simply plug your hose in the nearest socket and you are ready to go.
  • Central vacuums are simply made better and will last much longer without any needs for maintenance or reparation. They also have a very long warranty.
  • A central vacuum will add value to your house or property as it is now considered to be the most popular choice by the general population.

Brand new house or older house?

It does not matter whether your property is old or more recent. Central vacuums are quite easy and inexpensive to install in all kinds of properties. There is also always a less used place to be found such as a garage or a basement to install the vacuum.

How powerful my vacuum has to be?

To measure the power of a vacuum, we use air watts which relate to the suction power of the vacuum.  The minimum air watts you need depends on the size of your house or property. Our Beam & Electrolux vacuums range from 500 air watts to 700 air watts.

  • 500-550 air watts is ideal for condos and small bungalows.
  • Around 600 air watts is ideal for all medium sized houses such as big bungalows and small cottages
  • 640-700 air watts is ideal for the bigger houses out there.

What are the other characteristics of vacuums?

Other than air watts, there are some other characteristics to look up for a central vacuum:

  • Most central vacuums already come with a silencer. All our Beam & Electrolux vacuums except the Beam Classic series already come with a silencer. This will greatly reduce the noise made by the vacuum.
  • With Hepa filter or not. An Hepa filter will filter 99.9% of the dust preventing any dust from leaving the vacuum. Most hepa filters are also easily washable. Most of our vacuums already come with an hepa filter.
  • With the option of installing bags. Some vacuums have no options to install a bag. While it does not affect the quality of the vacuuming, some people prefer to install bags as it is cleaner to change compared to emptying the tank full of dust. Most of our vacuums have the bag option.
  • Electronic gadgets. Our Beam Alliance line is loaded with useful electronic gadgets. For example you have the option to control the suction degree with the Beam alliance hose. The vacuum also knows when it is time to change the bag or empty the dust tank and let you know when you have to change it. All these gadgets add some very useful features to the vacuum that makes your life easier.

What accessories kit should I choose?

Our accessories kit comes loaded with the hose and floor and carpet cleaning accessories.  A very important feature to look for is the ON/OFF button on the hose. Many older hoses did not have this feature and the vacuum would only start when plugging the hose and stop when unplugging it. There are still many brand new hoses being sold that don’t have this useful feature but we chose to not sell them.

Also, if you have a lot of carpet in your house, especially thick carpet, it is very useful to opt for a motorized carpet beater accessories kit. Although it is more expensive than other kits, it will do a much better job at cleaning your carpet than any other non electrical brush accessory.

We also have the hoses available in 2 different sized, 30′(9.2m) and 35′(10.7m).

What about the warranty?

A warranty is very important as it will bring you peace of mind about buying a brand new central vacuum. Our warranties range from 7 years to 15 years depending on the model you choose to buy.