Electrolux BM166A vacuum – 550 air watts


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Superior performance and better air quality

Electrolux vacuum BM166A

A complete cleaning system

An Electrolux cleaning system includes a power unit and a cleaning accessories kit that work together like a team. The power unit is the heart of the central vacuum, providing required power and is usually located away from the living areas, ex: in a garage or basement. In the different rooms of the house, the cleaning kit is the ideal partner. It is what transform a powerful performance into a very pleasant experience since all the cleaning accessories are at hand reach, ready to clean all kind of surfaces in your house.

Characteristics :

  • Ideal for condos and bungalows
  • A silencer greatly reduces noises
  • Up to 5 times more powerful than most vacuums
  • Add value to your house

Specifications :

  • Electrolux BM166A #005113 central vacuum power unit
  • 4 inlet valves or 4000 ft2
  • 550 airwatts
  • 106″ H20 waterlift suction power
  • Thru-flow 1 stage motor
  • Compact size model
  • Perfect for condominiums, appartments or homes with restricted space to install the power unit
  • HEPA Triumph filter system
  • Bagged central vacuum system
  • 3.7 gallons dirt and dust capacity
  • Sound level of 80 decibels
  • Muffler and adapters included
  • Body and casing made of metal, anti corrosion
  • 10 years warranty


Download our Electrolux pamphlet in PDF.


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